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Carambolo Gold Treasure in Seville

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Carambolo Gold Treasure finally on Show in Seville
Mar 01, 2012

Passengers flying into Spain might like to add another tourist attraction to their list of must-do things in Seville! An ancient hoard known as the Carambolo Treasure is finally being exhibited at the Archaeological Museum in Seville.

The 21 pieces of elaborately engraved and decorated pieces consist of 24 carat gold jewellery dating back to the days of the Phoenician invaders. Weighing in at almost three kilos/6 pounds, the treasure has been slumbering in the museum’s vaults since it was discovered in 1958. Workmen unearthed the treasure while working on a hill in Camas, which is a town located in just 4 km distance of Seville. Car hire brings motorists to Camas via the National Highway 630 (Seville to Gijón).

When archaeologists started to excavate, they discovered a scared site that was dedicated to the gods Baal and Astarte. The burial grounds are believed to date back to the 9th century BC, when rich Phoenician traders ruled Seville and the surrounding area.

Some of Europe’s largest budget airlines fly to Seville Airport. Ryanair, Air Berlin, Vueling, Air Europa and Air Nostrum all have their base here. Other major airlines include SAS, Iberia, Brussels Airlines and TUIfly.

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